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Post You do not know the standard answer interview

You do not know the standard answer interviewCame in December, 2011 graduate recruitment season is also thanks to the China Wholesale Products, believe that in some second-tier cities, have been able to see smoke billowing from the campus, many large-scale vocational training schools have started a vigorous recruitment and propaganda, BBS scattered on the surface by a variety of open-ended questions and the standard answer, and some lost a man to teach you the bottom line is Sticky paste techniques, such as "breach of contract with the company for breach of skills," "How people Story compiled their own "and so on. The battle broke out, year after year, to see those good and bad online posts being favorable, I would like to stop for anything. Interview is communication, not a problem two years ago, I also do a senior, at that time I have been to charge professional training courses, how to write resume, how to wear clothes, mock interview practice over and over again, back to a classic theme of the interview 300 the book. At that time, I naturally lazy, Zhaomaohuahu to resume could get out of the shot, but also how the back will not be the answer to the classic interview questions, how to write a line to face the situation of their standard answer is looked agitated endless. Go door to door in the face by the Internet, learn from others experience and skills, which I think have a headache. So I do not care about the valuable experience of our predecessors, because I was too conceited yet? Of course not, in fact, I just want to do it myself. Then fear is that some students say: do it yourself, Give me a break! The company is not looking for you, who is in line with their requirements! Of course, not every company is looking for good people, but to find people for their company. But you have never had such a feeling? When you stand before each interview corridor Li Momo's reciting something, as if to enter the communication is not a war, but a final exam of the battlefield; almost every interview you Attractively finished reading the perfect answers to their , but do not see the eyes of the interviewer or the amazing sweet smile, replaced them frowning, no expression of a question to ask next; you will come back every time in the memories of the interview process, sudden chest pounding foot Dayton upset a channel did not answer the complete answer to questions, a day after the depressed, the last in line to express their upset feelings into a new face by. But you have not thought about, what is the interview? What is written? Why spend so much time and effort to do so with your game? What recruiters really want to do? The insight I received from a recent interview. Not long ago, I have received a U.S. television interview with a half-hour interview with one month in advance so that I began to get nervous. I always wondered if I interviewed before they will give me a list of questions and complex questions, and I take the time to answer big deal is hard to be back, and expressed like in front of the camera. In the interview the day before the briefing meeting, I found the American media does not like the Chinese media as www.metrowestalano.com have always prepare for the make-up artist, stylist, costume, and even the list of questions and answers tips keywords. The only interview I was told before the information is: you need to tell them your story and experience, and your passion. . Later I learned that this TV show to interview different countries around the world in different industries, different areas, different backgrounds is how to treat network marketing. Because they were different from those interviewed, the answer is definitely not the same. The goal is to interview and dialogue, not the answer. It's like you go to the interview, it is to communicate, do not question. The outcome of that interview, the picture is beautiful, my English is fairly smooth, I did not get the samples are not very clear, but that half-hour program, I very relaxed, has said many things I had not thought over the issue. It made me suddenly think that you fun to communicate with their enthusiasm about their views and opinions, rather than the Wholesale Evening Dresses is training and preparation each other. I have thought about 15 minutes to answer in English must be very tough, can be found at the scene half an hour I was as fleeting as quickly. Then I thought, if I were to answer to some English, and will require all the back and front of the director and host speak out, the face of dazzling lighting system, will I be nervous next card? After the interview so long, I would not have been worried about the day's not good enough, English is not fluent, standard, or I do not like the end of this interview, as the leadership of the initiative went to the office to report: too much fun, the next I would also like to play again! But as before said hey resentment, a point I did not say forget! And upset for several days, the organization felt sorry sorry people!
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