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Default Afraid of love

Afraid of love (r ~)
love very stupid very stupid very squeamish, there are a lot of fear of things.
Love afraid to lie when we do not love, camouflage love is a bad thing but suffering and if others see through, we become a false villain.
you lie to someone else's money, can be restitution,hydraulic cylinder, you lie to someone else's love, it becomes no forgiveness of sinners. If someone had not seen through, it is even worse Unless you have ruined conscience, or else promise the illusion of love, that soul of strangulation, no peace.
love afraid of silence. too many people that love to the depths of silence. really, Love is a feeling hard to describe, have detailed the expression and transmission. love requires behavior, but love do not just move, or reveal language and warmth, but also an integral part of the move.
Love have expressed, as the electrical consumption of too fast, had to charge daily. repeated and novel to describe love it, it is a brave and intelligent art.
love afraid of hesitation. Love is shy and wary, an inattentive to flash it to eat the bait. love is often the beginning of the collision and boneless Pina, if fleeting gravity in love very early, on the sensitivity to identify their true love is a can be more is a bold, love a career, you rushed money into. love a person, it categorically seeking, love of a nation, it fell bone dust devotion, love a career, you worked hard, love a religion, it is to death without regret.
love afraid of ambiguity. either love this one, or a love that, to comply with an do not love Choudao,linear actuator, quit. hesitate delay is the obligation of others and their own live.
love afraid of the sand to build the tower. that kind of love, no matter how exquisitely carved, rise and fall, leaving only No beads of clamshell and uprooting plants.
love afraid of river water. desert river ah, if not a mirage, shimmering while maintaining a few days? when the sandstorm hit, the first dry It is the accumulation of saline tears.
love afraid of counterfeiting. really love might not be the appearance of smooth, bright colors, no elaborate packaging, advertising does not boast, but it has internal quality assurance. love is not without short circuit and damage, but it has a warranty, it is the promise of two hearts, written between heaven and earth.
love is an organic general, fear of separation. is like glass, it is said will not be broken on the tanks rolling, sorry Its weakness is rather break than bend, not crisp cut once broken, it is fragmented into numerous large bean dregs, flowing one way, flashing tragically cold. can no longer recover.
love the leg muscles is not healthy,hydraulic power units, fear away. interval will bleach the color of each Acacia, if possible, relying on the past a little,hydraulic power pack, and then close that, until the close integration of water and milk together. absolutely were not artificially in order to test its strength, that you may too late to repent. try to Heaven's time to join hands invention.
love flowers like cactus class, fear of fleeting,hydraulic pump, love can not day and night, love can not affectionate, but love to Tiechu grinding, long Hengyuan .
love afraid of deliberately seeking work, love can be disheveled, Jing Chai sarong can love, love can be bread and water, love can be exposed places the wind meal as long as a cavity truth and love have a fall back. love, eyes myopic astigmatism just like to watch the picturesque mountains and rivers. ear is deaf, and only want to hear the joy of spring. one-sided love people, love people to believe. IQ people love to land a car willing to love people, love fear, is decadent. Love have to live every day, gas injection into the pride, but another example pools, waves do not panic.
& nbsp, color ball; said this many ills of love, love it not good for nothing?
love is the world's most solid memory metal, under high temperature melting, freezing does not rattle. create a love of the space shuttle, you can drive with it, travel nine days.
love is more broad than the sky and the ocean of the universe, in that strange dome in , with hundreds of millions of stars love the stars, shining light. an asteroid planning, the rain is love, from the sky decorated with pure light.
love is magical chemical reagents, let suffering become sweet, allow one minute forever as always, make the usual face Maoruo angel, whispered softly let pressure off the mine is called lightning.
Love is where all the grassland in here, can grow out of talent, courage, wisdom, talent , friendship, caring for all human virtues and hh are the beautiful natural talent, would love to gift you.
between living and death, life is a lonely journey. to maintain a true love, life is light to warm light.
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