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Default Chapter IV ------- Hyakki night (below)

And the usual difference is that this day I believe Tao attended the final exam. Afternoon an examination room, the two of us flew to a fire on the Second Board to open the house next to the , afraid of being caught family would not complain to the teacher by the students to see, this store is to open a boss, this boss is probably 20-something, with the then popular view, she is indeed very stylish, beautiful side the first boots posted on the feet, legs wearing large hoop pants pedal body, upper body sets out a high-necked white sweater, a perm, a curly wig, hair stuck on a pink card, with beautiful white face, a strange mixture of society which does not come to her trouble, hey, it may be hard to her background, there may be certain police chief's lover .... it was natural that we would not have so many ideas , here to sell game currency more expensive, a dollar of someone's home is 6, her family did a dollar 4, but we are very optimistic about her new home console, and a wide variety, and most like to play us, Street Fighter 3 We were tired of the family seemed to bully, the most recent period for various reasons find it always have to control my parents pocket money, and then after school at all for the Office of Consumer Rights, this game ~

calculate the days, the game room opened nearly a month, we started the day free trial from opening day, the Office of mixed point in the game 3 hours, apparently so much time, so we have a few not enough pocket money spending, but both of us like to watch other people play, so I usually play one yourself, and then watch other people play for a while, playing in his hand, watching other people play until dinner time to go home to before drilling home to dinner,,, and then a video game all night my mind is the picture, thinking about how elements of the next day to happy to play a good pocket money, this time the final exam, and my father to reward me, and give 5 dollars of my pocket money, I believe Tao excitedly came to the game room, generous bought a 2 dollar coins and wife, and took the money as usual Xiaohe, handing me coins, and then at me two said:

unconsciously, 2 hours later, as today's prosperity, both of us did not watch the others play, put two dollars in coins to play with light, and touch the rest of that three dollars in his pocket, thought Winter came, years ago this month, there is no reason to leave my father to pocket money in the pipe, and I believe Tao standing behind the others dejected. See people playing the game, suddenly, the side of the coin machine mid row of a player bet a lot of coins in, coins out from rushing out of the machine, there are several off the ground, we were quickly picked enthusiastic for others up, that person gave us a generous two coins! Continue to grin and ran us over the past playing the game for a long while, the game left a currency back to the game, and look at the table, the time away from home to eat there about 10 minutes walking time to count, but also got left 5 minutes , we were looking at the hands of money remaining in a game, determined, thrown into the coin machine in gambling. Ready to bet big! We have chosen the shouted in a ..... .... really believe in the Tao happy mad coin by the Arab Spring ... Unfortunately so excited, pressed the wrong button, even 10 coins were never on the press did not have the big tank in the above (50 times) I blame the faith side of Tao's carelessness, while reluctantly clicked on the Start button! We have no confidence in the headlights look in a circular motion ..... Suddenly, the loud sound good to hear good to hear us out .... ,,,,, 500 coins, this calm and a lot of us, carefully to the boss in front of , and then went home for dinner ....

I just had dinner at home, my father rushed me dropped 20 dollars, put away the luggage, his mouth and I said: money you buy lunch, save our point flower, flower no more letters to go by Tao father that I have, and he was a greeting, a good stay at home these days you do not run out, I approve home game you just play this game! days to go to his house to eat dinner! The rushed us Touyemeihui my home, open the small game started to play up ... probably around 9 pm, and I suddenly thought, there are 500 of our game room coin it, not to mention to me there are 20 dollars, the letter Tao has just cheated out of 10 dollars at home, we were so rich why play games at home, should go to the game room fishes, ah, a good discussion after both of us went to the canteen to buy a two dollar snack, with the white bars to the game room, game room was left with several wild child and two adults in that drunken playing leisurely games, we were out at the boss at the 100 coins, ready to play very much love a! Time, without knowing who passed the game room emptied, leaving us to call in that day shouting the name of do not come home so late? Adults do not always thinking about you at home? I looked up: helpless ....

time passes, an instant, 11:30 to, the wife went before us urged us to go home, but also insisted on sending us home ....... we were helpless to turn off the game machine, following her post for Homeward ..... just came to my home alley, I suddenly slapped the ass boss. boss blushed and looked back at me Tao also saw the letter, he is hiding in the back of my boss shivering and wife turned and looked for a minute, and then did not talk back, took us about pounced rub the roof of the next people , and then motioned to us to lie down on her right index finger was bitten mouth, in the carry bag and pulled out a yellow paper, what is painted with blood ..... Hyakki getting closer, the wife seems to finished drawing a character, and then drink soon, I suddenly found three gold hit our people, and I watched and my boss the letter Tao and his body a little bit blur, slowly, we were lost in the the air, ears heard the voice of boss: Those ghosts can not see us! ! door, I took out the key opened the door yard, but also opened the room door, the wife looked strange in my own yard and house structure, and then with a little surprise with us to my house ....

boss asked me several questions and information Tao after thinking a moment, and then at us dignified, said: The eye of yin and yang of a hundred ghost night, there must be injustice, and you do not come any closer, do not go out at night! hundred ghosts, there is a ghost grievances unusually large, it can feel who see them, and if it is locked in lead to disastrous consequences! I and two kids and you do not hide, my name is TRUTH is the famous become a fine of a thousand hedgehogs came to here, since the encounter Hyakki night, that I have an obligation to manage on one, you two little guys, it should be good at home alone, there are yin and yang is not a good eye ! Renxiaoguitai I know you both want to find out the strength of his ability to go the whole story a hundred ghost night, with you two Daoxing, hey, did not finish the long march side would have to take into life! I pay you draw a Stealth breaks it, so after the hit dirty, you can protect themselves! However, listening to the words of Aunt always allowed to own business, or will die of !

we were half-listening to the boss know anything, oh no, aunt taught Rongrong said and nodded, and finally, Rongrong aunt really taught us stealth operator, we tested a few times , even it's successful, Rongrong incredible aunt looked at us, his mouth muttering go!

noon the next day, I woke up one after another letter Tao, casually eating a few mouthfuls of bread last night and the rest to friends ~ but rushed the game room, game room did not open the door, we were all wondering possible, do? Is Artest aunt is a hundred ghosts harm? Luancai go Luancai, we still timid, Duohui the family began playing the bully! 9 pm sharp, and I believe Tao is co This is a kind of intuition it ..... we were rummaging through the dug out long ago that the knife seized, put on his clothes and ran to the game room

game room door is unlatched, there is no light, we were feeling a little strange, did not dare to go! Entered,Oakley Sunglasses, touch the windows looked after us ...... life can not forget the sight ah. . . . . TRUTH aunt right branch with a knife, Bangui on the ground, mouth pool of blood, as if by a hit, and before her, it is a human form, but Animal mask was a monster, that face, like the fox ah! That monster wearing a robe, his left holding a scepter-like things like standing there laughing! However, it was the face of ferocious us shudder ..... my heart suddenly rises a Si Ming Wu! Stealth character, I believe Tao said nothing, together drew a character (with a yellow paper was originally intended to draw characters to the small partners were the skin, no one thought to send back to me really,) the two of us is the stealth Artest hit a consistent power aunt who, across the wall, our character slowly through walls, golden flash, the monster uttered a piercing scream, we bent over the window when the point of view, Rongrong aunt stature slowly retreat, and blew an green smoke monster, and slowly rose to the roof, breaking the tiles cover the south east of the rapid journeyman!

Rongrong aunt rubbing the side of his mouth of blood, while kindly thank the two of us looked at us grin aunt, she slowly said: Edge came out, then rushed to the North Mountain Earth Temple, saw a hundred ghosts are kneeling outside the temple to beg for something, suddenly, I saw that I track for a long time hedgehog Daisen, it put on a land of God who look at the lessons of inspiration Hyakki Of course, I went out, and collected the hedgehog Tai Sin, but it raises the ghost fox spirit! it Daoxing too high, I had to get away wounded during the day and I'm not out behind closed doors at home, the interest rate adjustment, but do not even look over it , wounded me,Wholesale Shox, this time you saved me a lot of factors are suspicious because the ghost fox spirit too, thinking that I have a helper! hey, just solve the hedgehog Tai Sin, he realized it was not so high hedgehog Daisen Daoxing, the original ghost fox spirit behind it has been in for worship!, however, be a hundred ghosts of the things I see! you really can not think of two little devils and I am fortunate, I impart to you a few hands spell self-defense, and then teach you some kung fu entry, in the past two weeks, I want this game room board that, I'm going to pursue the trail of ghost fox spirit, just to see signs, it is about a thousand miles to the southeast where there may be afraid of me here Daoxing people Laizhuo it deep, to be honest, its existence is really a scourge, do not know how many creatures died in the hands of it, I must surrender it!!!! hundred ghosts of things, naturally remains to be seen recently, the two of you tomorrow, come every afternoon,new era hats, as destined, I teach some things with you! Every afternoon after

, we say good day and at home 2 pm --- 5:00 to play to the other students at home, other times staying in the home! Permission, the both of us arrive a day after the patch of Earth Temple Kitayama empty field, Rongrong aunt taught us some basic exorcism spell, spell some simple attacks, but also tells us that some commonly used to lower ghost props,monster hats, and Kung Fu taught us a number of primary entry! Half the time an instant later, Artest aunt board that the game room, she sat in a red has been resolved, you tomorrow to the game room will know be known to ask the new boss, the boss room after the game with a new set of cotton, he is a capable, aunts, friends bid farewell to this with you, and by chance we will meet! a small package thrown from the car out of the windows roll up, and Santana ran quickly drove off and disappeared in the sunset, we were staring a long time .......

small parcel was a bag of play money, 100 dollars, there is a BB machine remember the card number two little guys, your qualification is not bad, I'll teach you more stuff to practice on the future of your great help, I'll help you read phase, the two of you will find a lot of ups and downs, do not despair, brave the face of life! Perhaps, you will have a wonderful future, do not call me Rongrong aunt, I'm your big sister hehe .... till we meet again, boy are! Looking at the front of the eyes ... coincidentally .....

next day, both of us came to the game room, a new boss is an older, gray-haired old man, it is called as: Mao Hushu, direct us to pick out what he wanted, Mao Hushu warm to us pull into the back room, gave us a cup of hot water poured slowly said: high, the practice has been seen, the mountain town, there are a lot of Wild Ghosts wandering soul, her disdain chase to another trouble this poor old man, pulled me to guard, I'm at an age, the body not myself, can only mobs against some kid Oh, you two eyes natural yin and yang, are also different from ordinary people, learn a little skill is a good thing, and will be self-defense, since Xiaorong teach you some, since there do not know can come to ask me, your relationship Hyakki night things, I'll give you slowly come the causes and effects! come, first go to market to buy a pound for me and a bottle of Zhu Tourou Niulanshan Erguotou Ha!

Mao Hushu drank Erguotou, face red, he looked at us: to open up the relationship over cheap to buy, where the original plan to build the martyrs cemetery, because the era of mass graves in the war had laid the bones of the Eighth Route Army hundreds of nameless, faceless who became the ownership of the deceased, and do not know how many people buried, but in previous years, developers bought land black heart, when digging, dug up many, many human bones, they also believe that something, afraid of retribution, to please the most famous nearby of yin and yang division, Soul of a pile driver, but also managed to channeling the ghost fox spirit, the ghost fox spirit to those innocent people just for the sake of grievances, to find a little Daoxing a hedgehog to give it some magic. guise of it by hiding inside the Earth Temple, mass graves the bodies of those poor who were driven piles do a restless soul, the soul of night driving piles are driven to their own magic not move around the body, while the hedgehog for the fine to draw the Ghost Ghost Fox Spirit grievances Wild Ghosts can not be reborn these poor, still suffering from this and other torture daily, so every night they have been in your family piece of alley... Xiaorong crashed through the hedgehog the execution ground, and hit a hundred ghosts to Before I left it in the broken soul 七七 forty-nine drive piles, buried again to find someone who Wraith, also established a licensing milestone, lifted the edge of this child, but she a little oversight, in fact, she has been Daisen pursuing the hedgehog, the hedgehog is simply not fine, hey,GUCCI Sunglasses, this child is too impulsive, ranging from analysis of me for her to go alone, so that she will face three big enemies, ghosts Fox Spirit, hedgehog Wong Tai Sin, there is the long three, Oh, the boundless future, ah! hey you two little guys that said, I also said, after the game to play it, give you a discount of 10 one dollar coins, but can not tell Oh, other people, or I lose money matter, but note that, more spells and martial arts practice Well, maybe in future it can be of Xiaorong, right! ...

us bid farewell to Mao Hushu are thinking about their own feelings,,, what is happening these days a bit more than expected, we are not sure this is real or a dream ...... time flies, blink of an eye on the Chinese New Year, we were carefully put aside all things fun together with friends dripping off firecrackers, eating dinner with loved ones every day! The thought that everything went so quiet, but not wanted, our former way, there are some unknown things waiting. . . . . . .
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