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Default Reprinted If you are Chinese!

! Please reprint , this is absolutely Tiaohan Zi ! I had to !Shanxi murderer Hu Wenhai the last paragraph

Police: know why you catch it?
Hu Wenhai: know, killing the point man.

Police: kill a little? Fourteen killed you!
Hu Wenhai: more than fourteen, right?

Police: How much do you say?
Hu Wenhai: I remember was seventeen.

Police: Fourteen dead!
Hu Wenhai; I do not mind living there, I have been mired, to see who died, as did, to give two shots. - And that is not to kill the net.

Police: Do you know the consequences of it?
Hu Wenhai: (Mei Xiao face the police) know, know,Vibram Shoes, I have to give people Diming.

Police: sorry do not regret?
Hu Wenhai: Why do not regret it? There should not kill a baby at home, one that you only know people are stopping by. Another thing,timberland boots, got to be the did not kill the net.

police: you want Sha Shui?
Hu Wenhai: to that of several of the men.

Police: Why kill your family?
Hu Wenhai: Director of their village when the village secretary, the three years of corruption and squandered at least five million. Three coal mines so that they sell two. I have nobody to complain to the town. They hate me not, I wanted to death. 99 June 19,asics mexico, I went to the ground water, xxx brothers (one of which killed over the door) excuse, and I fight, split into three shovel my head, I had dozens of sewing needles. But for the first hard, as early as they hack. xxx (party secretary) sent to me, and to pay compounding, I quit. Since then, I got up to kill, would have been prepared to start this year, thirty at night, when all to see Spring Festival Party, to kill clean. June 19, I xxx (secretary) and village accountant called and let them write how much of corruption, they quit, then sirens outside (passing police car), xx (Accounting) to rough, pointing his forehead, said: He also thought that I dare not. No recourse but to advance hands. ... ...

Later, when reporters asked him regret not regret, he confidently replied: net, then, Hu Wenhai mentioned several times on different occasions. According to analysis, he is worried that his parents, wife and children leaving the troubles.
reporter asked him why he killed even the kids, he really make sense: br> courts Hu Wenhai, he stands erect, holding self-defense books read aloud, speaking as model workers in rural areas. There is also a joint trial to help him kill a friend, Hu reply, said that his friend did not kill anyone, has persuaded him to follow him is not to kill. At this time, the prosecution pointed out that a victim (played dead escape) to testify against his friend took an ax him. Hu reply, I shot him lying on the floor playing, he made no back read, I picked up an ax him. The prosecution also pointed out that his friend took pliers to clip the victims. Hu Wenhai immediately debate and said: I gun forced him dry,discount mbt boots, he does not clip the victims, I **** beat him. Blatant taking on everything. Hu Wenhai
sentenced to death, the retired for the time, Hu taking it every a review of the police officers to shake hands with him,supra society, while holding says: is funny.

2001 years of December 25, Christmas is also the West. Day Jinzhong a public hearing according to the law court shooting 14 serious cases of three defendants. Finally, there are 2 people sentenced to death, a person sentenced to life imprisonment. The first defendant Hu Wenhai according to legal procedures in the final statement said: ideals, she was very young character is speaking out, dare to dare. village powerless kindness of the villagers and I live in harmony, sometimes, I became the spokesman for their interests. However, in recent years, served as village cadres corruption and bribery, and oppress the people, the village of small coal mines (the villagers risked their lives) and other enterprises handed in more than 400 million divided by them. 4 years, I report to the authorities several times, and reflect all the villagers came to nothing, public security, discipline, prosecution, provincial, municipal and district bureaucrats to make us indifferent and looked down upon ... .... However, we do go there reasoning? Who for us to call the shots? I report to public security organs, people who earns a salary of civil servants driving a car more than 30 million on the purchase of swagger,supra tk, not attend to a case, even the collusion of village cadres bully people ... .... I have only to violence with violence, I could only their own interests to defend the people of the ... .... The actual , I have a 4,5 million in annual income, regardless of what I can,abercrombie jackets! But, I can not! my conscience tells me not to do so, I can not disregard this. slaughter, I can not let these assholes squeeze people out ... .... I know I will die, if my death can cause the attention of those officials, who can investigate and deal with corrupt officials, I will die without regret, or I will not become devils let them ... ... If you have a conscience! Please reprint your space, or copied to the space, why, is to let justice forever! ! ! !

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This article reproduced from: YourAge President: If you are Chinese! ! Please reprint, this is absolutely Tiaohan Zi! I had to!
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