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Peep out one in the eyes of mbt outlet young girl silk Nu idea, white the palm of the jade sort starts to be suffused with a to put on Sen however of cold light, Gao Gao raises and then wants to fly in the void to slice to fall in the neck.This youth is too uncanny, clearly have already won her spirit hypnotism, originally should become an exhaustive puppet, regardless listen to her to say what, all should according to memory true answer, unless is fly in the void really don't know.But it happened that she connects to ask two words and flies in the void but all remains mum.This only has 2 kinds probably, 1 kind may be fly in the void basically have never won her to hypnotize difference Shu, only is the appearance that intentionally packs out.If is so, that flies in the void too terrible, and can take no cognizance a young girl later spirit control.But after the young girl later on sounded out, fly in the void obviously don't pack out, even if see from the action of this body instinct, he also really lost consciousness.Moreover 1 kind may be the spirit will for flying in the void too weak, the strength for control for spirit didn't control be thoroughly destroyed spirit system well and as a result.Made to fly in the void to become a plant person of real meaning.But that generally just aims at the common run of people but talks, the remarkable talent owns a strong mentality field, basically and impossibly and easily the spirit control being been an at will by the other party become idiocy.The young girl is left to think right think, also can not figure out reason, originally was to think after the control flew in the void, asked here from he some secret to come out.Now pours well, whole live to kill a person, a words also ask not to come out, straight-tempered then want to clear cut, a Zhang splits dead to fly in the void.A burst of step voice spreads to come over from the distant place in the city wall and also accompany with a talking of quite a few individual voice, although this decrepit old city wall is quiet and out-of-the-way,BE not a pedestrian either to also have no.The young girl lets go of a palm, wanted after thinking, suddenly a start to grasp to fly in the void of shoulder, follow two person's bodies become transparent together, gradually concealed at air in.After several minutes, a few young loverses push bicycle to joke to come over here, a girl catches sight of the big hole on the city wall, and the surprise writes to say:" How big hole, came still last week thoroughly."She nearby of the boyfriend saw one eye and carelessly said:"Who know, this breaks general nobody in the place, even if the whole city wall fell, also no one takes care of."A willow treetop of city wall back, Liu Zhi sank to count cm suddenly and uncannily and downward, then suddenly started to play and rang out Lue to get empty but led in the air of brush voice, sunlight through motley six leave of branches and leaves, project twos thinnest figure on the ground.Turn an eye, the young girl has already taken to fly in the void to in the sky wear the distance of going several thousand meters, even if take a person, the body form of young girl still like easy style of writing sort quick, on Gao Gao's street lamp, three day, of the big tree head, the steel of the Mo mansion in the sky turns glass window up, the young girl,such as dragonfly, orders water to generally and lightly lend dint to spring up, an air distance that glides to would be 100 meters.After arriving at a quiet and out-of-the-way forest, young girl this just shows a body form, fly in the void lightly after letting go of, wrinkly knit the brows, after hesitating a short moment, and then took a look before the chest of don't stop pulsation write of the silver ball hang to fall to and finally still lightly sighed tone.Will fly in the void to depend a big tree up, then stretched hand <a href="http://www.cheap-toryburchoutlet.com/"><strong>cheap tory burch shoes</strong></a> to knot severals after printing record a perfectly isolate to knot boundary and then have been already formed, see fly in the void of the body form slowly disappear in the forest, the young girl inwardly orders and again jumps up but rises, and severals bounce later on and have already far escaped but gone to.Very long, the flying in the void of knot boundary inside just suddenly opens a pair of eyes and in a twinkling resumes to work properly in eyes and brilliance, his activity have some stiff and rigid body all of a sudden, wry mbt fanaka smile way:"In old, if not that key time I hide consciousness into knot boundary, perhaps really become puppet."In fix hero's light voice the deep place spread from his consciousness:"Not just you learn a skill not Jing, otherwise how can and easily make people control spirit, hereafter of the different Shu self-discipline is double, you have never experienced a real remarkable talent combat, so be subjected to some frustrate also not is what bad matter, know oneself shortage, hurriedly make great effort, the person's life only have a , have no how much opportunity make you experience personally failure.""BE, teacher, I knew."Fly in the void to be only lie in fixing hero's in front, just elephant the wry smile of kid's sort writes."Your own business, oneself handles, I am meditating."In fix a hero to throw down a , then the close concludes boundary passage and had no voice.Fly in the void to walk several steps, use a small and soft feeling young girl of mentality field under the decoration of isolating and knotting the boundary , with his current ability, can also deploy simple knot boundary, the one who see to be the same as remarkable talent deploys of knot boundary, naturally then want to make reference to for a while, this does the food of like the cook, even if is the same food, the flavor is also different from the degree of heating, much reference for a while the other people's masterpiece, to oneself is to touch a type side.Who? is this young girl actually?Why want to have been following him, start to him?Fly in the void not to know, can not also think understand, have to temporary put bottom.The face flown in the void very long up present satisfied facial expression, from the ordinary young girl deploy of the knot boundary, he felt a lot of places that can draw lessons from skill, and these skill after change after, can also use in other difference Shus.Unconscious, flies in the void to the feeling Wu of different Shu invisibly again deep penny.The mentality field condenses into a few different strength, the precise shot is knotting the place of the cloth point of boundary, knot boundary to send out slight Mao Ca respectively 1, ascend break open, this is the technical ability that flew in the void to just lately comprehend, the inner part is used from the knot boundary skillful of read power operation, can the structure of the utmost breakage knot boundary.Come out forest outside, looking at setting sun to sink in the west gradually, fly in the void to suddenly think of in the evening still want may just take out a cellular phone with Yang Yu Qi's appointment of one of the four greatest beauties, just thinking wear to knot boundary will can't isolate cellular phone signal, cellular phone already Ding bell bell of ring get up.This the noon still is really enough favour all of a sudden.Fly in the void to think, pressed to connect to listen to key."Fly in the void, I am Yang Yu Qi, I am busy to finish now, are you free?"Spread the specially moving voice of Yang Yu Qi in telephone, even if is only from the voice, also will make many boys feel to have a boiling passion."Is free, I come right away, we where meet, I don't acquaint with to the school, you choose a place."Fly in the void really to the school be not acquaint with very much, in fact, if don't occupy, he is generally all foolish to read in the bedroom, an otaku of standard."H'm, I know that there is very good ice wild goose coffee shop by the side of the school flies in the void, you can I ask me to drink one cup coffee?Ha ha."Yang Yu Qi makes fun a way, don't know why, a think of that banality of a bit lovely of little boy, always Wen Ya Liang kind Yang Yu Qi cannot helps but wanting a smile.mbt fora Flew in the void to touch touch the bank card in the pocket, let go of heart while ascending:"Is all right, I have plenty of money, can ast least invite you to drink 100 cup coffees."", Ha ha, small big style of, that let's settle to meet at 6:00."What Yang Yu Qi could not control feelings smiled."Good."Flew in the void En the converse be over , after this affair fix, Be about to go to the opportunity that the remarkable talent headquarters fights for a practice together with the Zhen in summer.That young girl to fly in the void very great crisis feeling, see come to this the strong is many in the world BE, if oneself this small life not and hurriedly seek an organization to take side for a while, perhaps and very easily will drive KO's, anyway, joining remarkable talent organization is not one either to have a liking for a very bad choice.He stirs a dozen of telephones of summer Zhen again and still wants to see the circumstance that Yang Yu Qi's phantom attaches a body with the Zhen in summer together in the evening.But oddness of BE, but the telephone of summer Zhen has been being placed in no man to connect to listen to status.What is up?Fly in the void to a little bit worry of think, immediately the self-ridicule is unnecessary worry, the summer Zhen doesn't go difficult is other people Be getting more quite good.The power but not of the common sort of campus queen adult.Hence, the flying in the void spiraled to the Zhen in summer message, tell her the time and location for dating with Yang Yu Qi.The direction of then quick facing school rushes through.At 5:50, flew in the void to backyard find out that ice wild goose coffee shop at school on the whole, here repair indeed as expected not general, sumptuous in deeply a high level grace, the ground step of pink hang decoration and hang full fresh flowers of the old customs <a href="http://www.cheap-toryburchoutlet.com/"><strong>tory burch </strong></a> wall will decorate here Huan however delightfully fresh, bright and spacious hall and secluded and cultured single construct to take to have a little ambiguous atmosphere in the romance and saw have an unique style.Even if fly in the void this etc. to repair amateur, also can not help at present a bright, dark great there is tasty in this coffee shop, aren't the state that the ordinary people can imagine.After ordering the next single just, the handsome male waiter then took a professional smile to come over here, was about to pass the menu that the elegant Tan wood made into to the customer, suddenly the facial expression is one Zhi, unexpectedly forgot the next move action, the direction that was foolish to foolishly looking at front door.Flying in the void is a bit strange of follow his vision to see past, but see many male waiters and big part of male customers to all see to the direction of front door.The dark brown glass front door of two autos opened, a glamorous beautiful girl style the style walked to come in, the show leaf's short skirt of the whole body pure lace lace, the powder leg of the Ou lotus sort peep out two snow-white perfectly straights, waist a bunch of and yellow lady's belt, bring into relief a Ying Ying a hold of wonderful waistline, a head of picks to dye is tiny to take to open Fei of color of long grow show to deliver, is in the shoulders like the rushing toward of waterfalls sort.Was fine to arrive the face of extremity slightly well-dressed ladies, would be to reverse casting a glamour of myriad living things stirring, the dark yellow in the light in special orange in the coffee shop, female kid then as if stand down generally in the painting, there is mbt kimondo a kind of heart-broken beauty.Chapter 34 dates[this chapter word number:3508 latest renewal time:2010-09-0220:17:00.0] is this girl, exactly Yang Yu Qi.Once the beauty appear and would be a stunning whole field.Set off that delightfully fresh and cultured romantic environment in the coffee shop, set off by contrast Yang Yu Qi's beauty more astute.No wonder that majority of men all can not control feelings of twist the head sees, completely regardless of nearby female companion that again is envy, and then is mournful kill people vision."Yang Yu Qi, I am here."Fly in the void hurriedly and loudly hello way.It is a list, otherwise sit to wonder luckily what oneself order in the hall, don't say is see ghostly whether attach a body, would be light tone have a chat, perhaps will also drive the other people pay Leng rise of the ear listenned to to.Yang Yu Qi sees fly in the void, smile to stretch out pure recruited to recruit such as the arm of jade, not and tightly and not and slowly took numerous visions of surprised Xians to walk to come over.Wait until when the vision concentration is in flying in the void a body mostly already become homicidal sharp weapon, very anxious to in the body flown in the void Chuo a few transparent holes just feel avenged.Particularly is a boy to envy and hate more, mama of, so ordinary boy how decree by destiny with beauty.See again nearby the female companion of looks banality, the many people is also the impulse that has already suddenly and violently wanted to beat to fly in the void, the person compares a person, infuriating.The male waiter resumed professional smile action and falsely led Yang Yu Qi and flew in the void into a pack of, the in the mind could not control feelings of sigh in sorrow:This year beauties all let ordinary person to have, I this looks is handsomely not on the contrary popular.Flew in the void to exchange greeting severals with Yang Yu Qi in brief, 2 people declined some kind of, an end still Yang Yu Qi ordered two cup men especially rather fragrant coffee and several dish nuts.The girl worries to fly in the void a bag in awkward and shy, fear to order to cheapestly fly in the void again face up can not pass, then especially idea ask price after just choose of coffee species, even if such, also cost several hundred dollars money.It is totally unconcerned to fly in the void to pour.If say the special employee that didn't become the whole world group before, he was probably still knowing painful at least half month of living expenses to have no.But is knowing when oneself can earn the wages of 100,000 dollars for a week money has already downplayed a lot in the his eyes.This kind of owning a small rich felling of 100,000 dollars is really quite good, even than want still while at the beginning owning remarkable talent come of generous, no wonder that those big styles whole day cow the spirit is blunt sky of, returning a knot bottom is a somebody else rich, be when you suddenly owned huge wealth so your bottom the spirit will also become very foot.Money isn't all-powerful, but have no money ten thousand ten thousand not ability.Fly in the void to recite this most true sayings, take Yang Yu Qi to twist the body talks with waiter of time, in the unknown eye flash across one silk difference long grass, plus for oneself to touch with spiritual an eye.Yang Yu Qi talked with waiter, this just became overdo to looking at to fly in the void:"Fly in the void, you see I order of ……Yi, your Chou wears me dry what?"Sees fly in the void some**of keep Chou she, the vision seems to include to catch fire hot general deep feeling brightly. The full blush with shame is dizzy when Yang Yu Qi ascends, awkward mbt kifundo and shy could not say words, wish this little boy pours still really directly, don't know to follow the sequence and advance gradually with a little bit more tactful?In fact, Yang Yu Qi doesn't know as well oneself is how, fly in the void clearly is since the boy being common and then ordinary.Compare his condition to pursue so much own many BE, but see much, but it happened that didn't feel, on the contrary to fly in the void to have tremendous curious and interest.Hence specially and with meticulous care after making up just rush through to go to an engagement, before coming, having already wondered to fly in the void may have to vindicate to her, a tender heart also cans not helps bumping indiscriminately like the fawn, after doing not know to fly in the void to vindicate, whether oneself still needs to keep an acting with dignity of female kid.Girl just in the entertain foolish ideas, it is already surprised to fly in the void foolish, the reason have no him, but have been attaching body to suddenly be missing in the phantom on the Yang Yu Qi's body.Touch with spiritual to see of just one is beautiful Xuan purpose girl, the slightest disappear the phantom of that brutish terror.Fly in the void strong line of press the Na to live stunned feeling, wishing of strain:This is in a mess, can't be have already attached a body to succeed.Unexpectedly that attaching of phantom body speed is such of quick, how this time do?The summer Zhen doesn't know as well to when just come.He slightly on deliberating, then stretch out the wrist that the hand grasped Yang Yu Qi.Yang Yu Qi a surprised, the Qiao face cans not help reder, unexpectedly fly in the void unexpectedly and like this boldly and first is have no to cover up <a href="http://www.cheap-toryburchoutlet.com/"><strong>tory burch bags outlet</strong></a> of orthoptic she of the noodles permit, a words don't say as well, grasped her of small hand.The female kid's heart Dong Dong quickly jumps, romance of at the mid-night, cultured coffee shop, single live alone, and that bold youth, Yang Yu Qi feels that oneself is got drunk soon, in the mind a trace of fear, again suddenly again some expectation ……"you ……you stem what ah."Yang Yu Qi is putting blame on to say, plentiful and smooth and fresh and red and small mouth Jue get up, the jade is hand goes limp weak nerveless to outwardly take out to take out, said with it to is to resist, arrived to rather say that the desire refuses to still rest.Fly in the void one Zheng, this just realizes mistake oneself strain under unexpectedly to the son of a girl express of a little bit and excessively.Luckily personality Wen Ya of Yang Yu Qi, there is no how to blame and scold he, if the female kid who changed other personality fiery tempers, only afraid will a record box on the ear to take out up.Flying in the void to study at ordinary times on the whole is more, urgently win to living Zhi, figure out at the time a still calculate to depend table of lend:"I in fact see your full forehead and print a hall to flush, is a rare blessing Ze deep of then cannot help but thinking to let you see a palm reading mutually, ha ha, have a little rude beauty, ashamed!"The wonderful eyes of Yang Yu Qi looking at him and suddenly burst Chi one smiled out:"Do you also tell fortune?Really can not see clearly.""I up know astronomy the bottom knows geography, geomancy face reading, strange gossip in the door, omniscient have no not Xiao."Fly in the void straight-tempered a pack throughout."You blow and fly in the void, I just don't believe you."The Jiao of the space space of Yang Yu Qi smiles, just like the rose in the breeze that a Nu puts."Not can the letter try, whether feel have to warm up a sort comfortable felling."Fly in the void to stay calm and collected of hold Yang Yu Qi soft if boneless small hand secretly use to read the track that the power checks to explore phantom in her body.
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