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Tibetan singing bowl music,sound healing, remove negative energy.

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Default Genie filled with Christmas gifts

Genie said he got the help of many people, Christmas gifts to express gratitude to the heart, not less.
Christmas to your friends receive a gift? Or is ready to gift giving to friends?
to local publicity album What a gift to someone?
exchange Christmas gifts, is an ancient custom in Europe, the exchange of Christmas gifts has become one of the programs when people donated Christmas gifts, they voiced their opinions: . Genie, she will find time to celebrate Christmas with the sisters exchange gifts. In addition, we should take this opportunity to say thank you to family and friends. waited five years to re-made films, she said he got the help of many people, so buy things to express grateful heart, is certainly not less,Chinese hair!
large object 1

Gary Young Gary vocal class, in order to Genie re-starting the first attack, in addition to vocals but also for her other than the amount of tailored songs and even performed in the MV devotion To take a good appreciation of the Young, Hsuan-Hsuan would hope at Christmas, sent personally selected the necklace. Select a send him to help him in the shape of a plus! worn on the body, I can remember the little sisters for his well-chosen gift! br> broker with Hsuan-Hsuan Chen Hong
everywhere,Brazilian hair, done a tremendous job of broker,Indian hair, Hsuan-Hsuan's natural and ultimately on his gift list! careful xuan Chen Hong although aware of the piercing, but do not wear earrings. Therefore,Malaysian hair, this specially selected diamond earrings, thanks broker so that they can own mind, or sent in vain, while, as long as the lot of attention to them, we can buy for friends and family the gift. Otherwise, gift-giving has become a cumbersome,Indian remy, and gifts of the people, but also a feel!
XCraft @ # 01-87/88
Taiwanese singer Genie, taking advantage of the gap came to Singapore to play songs find Christmas gifts.
object 3
dear mother adults
Choose a gift to the family, the most emphasis on learning. Generally, the mother would not want the children to spend too much money to buy their own, especially before 20-year-old Genie, it is very sensible frugal girl. buy ceremony to please her mother, of course, buy some of the more personal jewelry of!
locked hair, of course, we must be practical, otherwise it will be the elders blame the Xuan finally selected a more suitable mother's hair. By the same token, although there are many designs available in the market more prominent gorgeous hair accessories, but if the gift is not suitable for people who bought in vain.
He & She @ # 03-100
object 4
local business owner to be the boss's attention here, naturally good thank him, though only met a few times, but have been aware that he preferred XuanXuan clothing type. This jacket cut relatively close, serious yet also fashionable taste, just let the boss needs to meet frequently to go out, wear them without appearing too old gas, but also very modern.
Pescados @ # 03-269
object 5
San Mao
Rolling Stone, owner of Taiwan's boss San Mao, who is xuan wanted to thank you. pay attention to the quality of life and taste, he believed that the design of this simple lighters should be satisfied. specially selected pink, is to highlight the extraordinary message in a little different in the solemn atmosphere, with a little vigor to him,Chinese remi!
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