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Default Beautiful hotel love hotel lover

2010 years,Release part of the common vernacular (Cantonese ), if a man has with women to 168, such as home,canada goose canada, the Han court, these Jinjiang Inn,where to buy canada goose jackets, it is worth a little down ... pure grade workers!
fun to introduce you to several hotels, so that your long experience.

Wei enchanting first comes love

Wei love be the most famous Shanghai hotel, a love.

initial cost is only open house, then a few people began to pursue the ultimate luxury, but now more and more for men and women, fashion personality, more attention is the unique and enjoy privacy. Wei love, different atmosphere, different romantic,Canada Goose Montebello Parka, different tastes, busy day in heavy work, life is too tedious, how long is not for the romantic date, and it can go a long absence, to experience the feeling of love Wei.
price: 530 yuan -920 yuan

Tips: Love on the Haiwei all-suite boutique style hotel has 33, with the unique taste, noble leisure, memorable Continental, Chinese,------- 2011, the second leg of travel pleasant ga, Balinese style,Canada Goose Citadel Parka, such as the basement,Is hair., but without losing the unique charm of exquisite fashion

Wu Address: Minhang District, No. 682 Wuzhong Hongqiao Hongqiao Square, Block C, 8th Floor (near Hong Xu Road)

[store] in Hong
Address: 335 Hong Zhong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, Lane 48,buy canada goose online, 7F

NO 2. national interest of the treasure Beijing

[Egyptian room, please note that bed前 の that OOXX chair, very loving!

] [Egyptian room bathroom, bathtub with rose petals yo ~]

[Chinese-style room, bed hangings ecstasy の]

[Chinese-style bathroom, too simple, classic, especially the barrel]

[Arab-style house]

[Arab] room bathroom
] [Spanish style house

の luxury style house [British]

style rose style room [bathroom] [

night hotel location, very common, do not see there are so many fun style country style room, alas acridine acridine ~]

Bao Jing couple rooms are themed to different countries,Canada Goose Banff, from Chinese court,canada goose parkas, to the British style, and even Egyptian style, are everything.

price: 478 yuan -578 yuan

Tips: carefully read all kinds of treasure Beijing hotel room, you have found that they shared a few intimate details? That is 00XX chairs, fun equipment, the hotel carefully considerate lover, in Beijing, who at a glance the treasure.

Address: 3300 West Yan'an Road, Shanghai

NO 3. ceiling mirror all the benefits blending

low-key, elegant apartment benefits to attract tourists is the first magic. Each room shape, layout, furniture,Canada Goose Trillium Parka, decoration,Canada Goose Chateau Parka, furnishings vary: from the Italian match with the colors to the tatami and the ceiling design, large color blocks from the lovely pleasure of visual expression to the natural division showing and playing cool artistic style feeling creative decor, everything, overhangs are. Some rooms even the whole mirror walls, people full of fantasy.

price: 475 yuan -1100 yuan

Tips: different styles of rooms, have their own characteristics. Each can give you fresh.

Address: No. 127 Panyu Road, Changning District (near Ping Wu Road)

NO.4. 8 colors の Aika

Aika stylish hotel was established in 2009,Complete architect designed villa, was designed by the famous Japanese company designed. Room in eight main colors red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, black, gold composition, the hotel only 32 rooms, all rooms have different designs, different from the traditional line of hotel rooms.
including three Japanese-style room, simple and elegant interior style, the atmosphere of daily life beyond the original lighting design, gives us a new life of fun.

price: 253 yuan -801 yuan

Tips: Aika is really cheap, lowest price is only a price of 168, regarded as the most cost-effective hotel of Shanghai lover.

Address: 479 Chang Shou Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, No. 3F

NO.5 gorgeous to dazzling - Overseas Lisheng Ma to apartment

Shanghai Overseas Lisheng Ma may be a new lover apartment apartments, opened in October 2008, a total of 104 sets of rooms. United Road is located in the ancient Caobao, in Shanghai, the center of the territory, and from the pro-Caohejing in bad lane, traffic convenient, direct access to Hongqiao Airport and Pudong International Airport; close to Xujiahui, Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center,Canada Goose Trillium Parka, Shanghai Old North South Station and Hongqiao international community, both business and leisure environments and functions.

price: 398 yuan -700 yuan

Tips: Overseas Lisheng Ma can be even more user-friendly facilities, the hotel will pack up a lot of facilities available to guests, a Double Breakfast + snack + free domestic long distance for free, God Qi boutique hotel

stylish boutique hotels in Shanghai Qi God opened in April 2008, was born in downtown Jing'an Temple commercial District of paradise,Rape mushrooms, walk 3 minutes to Jing'an Temple.
round bed from the bed to the strange ship, fine room massage table ... ... are you like to experience the luxury of exclusive private club, the reassuring comfort of home.

price: 398 yuan -999 yuan

Tips: If you think love is too expensive Wei little lovers, you can try to Qi Oh God, because God Qi is known as known, room styles are very similar.

Address: 1098 Cao Bao Road
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