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Wink Bare words unspoken rules troubled new groups

Bare words unspoken rules troubled new groups2010 inventory of new workplace phenomenon of articles for the workplace, people are concerned, as the economic environment improves, the workplace in 2010 than the year before and last year's economic crisis of the Depression, can be used to give force to describe. About to enter the end of 2010, will eventually have the excitement of the past. In the coming 2011, we will happen to the workplace changes, and as the workplace of people you have to find the New Year for their career direction out? Yes, from now on, seriously do a year for his career inventory bar. Keywords: Volunteer Event 1: Shanghai World Expo will launch service volunteer career development plans a three-year career development of the Expo volunteer service program launched in October, the program will benefit 12 million Chinese cabbage and small blueberry . Include: career counseling Expo volunteer program; Expo volunteer positions Attachment Programme and the World Expo volunteer recruitment program position. Event 2: Asian Games held in special recruitment for volunteers after the China Wholesale volunteers will be Wei Guohua, vice minister, said the Asian Games in Guangzhou, after the closing of the Asian Paralympic Games, Asian Games volunteers for the service held special recruitment. Comment: Although they are volunteers who cherish a selfless heart to do volunteer work, but many job seekers have had volunteer experience will be proud of this worthwhile volunteer experience included in their curriculum vitae, proof of they can work more competent, companies that had more volunteers are welcome to experience job-seekers. Keywords: choice choice: ########## or looking for a good speech and then resign next home? The so-called bare words, is not looking good under the home to resign. Work pressure, physical and mental fatigue limit is reached, the lack of long-term well-being work, many white-collar workers did not find a good home on the next he took to resign. Obviously need a bare words of courage resolutely and decisively, but it also reflects the workplace are a new living situation. Comments: Choose nude speech on behalf of the workplace people are paying attention to their hearts and the pursuit of happiness, Jiuzhaigou Valley limited to salary, job and other factors. Keywords: workplace rule unspoken rule one: Workplace harassment in May 2010, wood mountain training female employees, said police raped by the boss. The former employee said, many female employees had been owner of Mountain wood ######ual harassment or abuse, saying the computer has thousands of different girls nude. Then, Hill Wood Education Group president Song Mountain wood XingJu alleged rape of female staff. Comments: Mountain wood boss suspected of rape, regardless of the outcome, are on the workplace ######ual assault sounded the alarm. Constraints on the mechanism only from the workplace, the boss's authority, so that employers and employees truly equal human beings, the boss think lust is the best bound; only for employees with more rights concepts and self-awareness, the boss into the emperor, the staff into the phenomenon of concubines will not capture the workplace, and the development of hidden rules. Unspoken rules II: Gray skills, according to China Youth Daily Social Investigation Center of the survey, 70.7% of people think that competition in the workplace is very important skills with gray, with 20.0% of people said is very important. Respondents, 64.6% said they have the gray skills. Comments: Gray skills employees actually are part of communicative competence, current employers in the recruitment of the time required candidates to have some skills, nothing wrong with gray, but most employers require the skills of gray on the premise that the employee must also comply with other companies employment standards. Keywords: New rubber groups of people: the person is like made of rubber, does not accept any new things and ideas, praise does not matter for criticism, there is no shame and honor the people. Comments: For those who have a tendency to workplace rubber people who may wish to rest in the usual with supervisors, colleagues a little more communication, not only can learn from them, a harmonious relationship between colleagues can enhance team spirit and cohesion. Pendulum Family: refers to those working in a city, a city for living in another person. Comments: The workplace must adapt to this lifestyle by leaps and bounds, in addition to inter-city lifestyle of the surrounding infrastructure, including related education, health care and other support services need to be more sophisticated, the workplace and receive recognition from the psychological model also take some time. Lai class family: are those that do not go to work, has been hanging around the office computer people. They stay at home longer than the company and other social places even more. Comment: If a long period of decompression depends classes, will destroy our relationships to build, resulting in reduced quality of life, and even affect mental health. Want to get rid of the problems depends on class, white-collar workers who may wish to develop some interest in Shoes Sandals.
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