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Thumbs down Personal summary of work in December 2009 Fan

Personal summary of work in December 2009 FanEnd December 2009, for the workplace in terms of human, time and written summary of the work to. Summing up the work in December how to write it? If you are wondering, this might refer to the following individuals work in December 2009 concluded Fan, I hope you learn to master the job summary writing skills. The following are my personal work in the 2009 summary report as follows: the work of a comprehensive, organized a global study of cadres Central Economic Work Conference, provincial and municipal-second session of eight three six plenary Plenary, and carefully implement the spirit of the meeting. 2, completed in 2008 Bureau of honest government, study and education activities, the work of veteran, administrative work, information work, summarized and reported to the administration in written material. 3, 2009, reported the research topics. I work around the functions of Council, finishing reported the use of foreign investment, foreign trade, domestic trade in the management of six research topics. 4, reported to the provincial "government work report" Report on objectives and tasks to complete. Controlled province "Government Work Report" task, combined with Bureau practice, carefully sort, the completion of my written work submitted Office City Ducha Shi. 5, good information disclosure, complete reporting of information statistics. Required to update the Board portal, announced foreign investment guidelines, and content uploaded to the government portal. According to statistics, to the municipal office, government office, ministries and agencies do, the provincial domestic trade and other related departments to do all kinds of information submitted to a total of 361. 6, do the petition holding stability. Take effective measures to maintain the bureau organization and business system stability. the foreign trade 1, received the provincial foreign trade department deputy director Wang Zhongyang, Liwen Yao, Li-Cheng Xu, Director of Foreign Economic research group led to the city's investigation. 2, received members of Parliament, Hyogo, Japan, Hyogo Prefecture branch of the Association of Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General and his party in the original light-mediated, transfer of the Pearl River Delta industrial / business development opportunities to expand the delegation, businessmen delegation in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce delegation, South Japanese companies The delegation, Haikou City, the research team and other industries to relocate to the city tours. 3, the completion of the "key industries Ganzhou investment work program for 2009", "2009 Ganzhou Hong Kong Investment Week program of work", "2009 Beijing key industry investment program of work", "2009 China Ganzhou non-ferrous metals Promotion and new materials industries, and economic and trade event program of work "and" carry on the organization to go to Japan and South Korea tungsten, rare earth and the new materials industry promotion and Trade to discuss the work program activities, "the drafting task. 4, well Ganzhou City merchants and the Association on behalf of Spring 2008, foreign investment, foreign trade and other year-end evaluation of the preparatory work. 5, the city completed the analysis of foreign trade statistics. From January to November, the city completed $ 1.182 billion foreign trade, growth 44.24%, which exports $ 893 million to complete, an increase of 48.70%, export growth is higher than the provincial average increase of 6 percentage points; completed $ 288 million of imports , an increase of 31.98%. The city's export of electromechanical products to complete $ 229,646,900, an increase of 48.79%, representing the city's foreign trade export value of 25.71%, accounting for the province's total exports of electromechanical products 16.27%. 6, the city completed the 13 enterprises of foreign trade operators registered for work. 7, transmitted the Foreign Economic and Trade Office of the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued "on the issuance of" Jiangxi in 2008 to promote foreign trade and economic regional development funds to implement the details of "notice" and on the city's foreign trade enterprises to apply for the 2008 foreign trade and economic regional development funds to promote preparation. 8, the organization of the city's foreign trade enterprises were SMEs explore international market funds, the 105th Canton Fair booth and participate in the 19th East China Fair, 2009 shows the import and export situation and overseas markets will declarations. 9, the organization participated in the conference and the province's subsidy response training courses and special funds allocated ministries conference. 10, completed the Mazzoni chapter Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. of foreign investment projects, the audit report. the work of a domestic trade, carried out Ten Thousand Villages store quality farm market projects a return visit to sample, reported a return visit to the city's quality of farm shop work summary. 2, conscientiously sum up the 2008 trade service system, promote the New River Chapter prosperity and development of commercial entertainment catering industry, Wholesalers In China market situation, Wholesaler Handbags,etc., and the formation of a written summary. 3, reported the development of a "trade service system Ganzhou 2009 work plan," "the city's domestic trade conference program" and "grasp the project, expanding domestic demand, adjust the structure of the research proposals." 4, auction guide to help City Council, City Cuisine Association held its annual auction Association and City Cuisine Association Conference and the second member of the fifth anniversary celebration of the General Assembly. 5, the Ministry of Commerce received a research group to carry out in the city of Gannan navel orange production and marketing research. 6, the organization launched a special campaign against Situlanzai dens. Xingguo County, the urban fringe for the existence of the phenomenon of pigs Sizai urge Xingguo County Business Council organized a special forces to combat. Currently, the special rectification action smoothly. 7, held in downtown pig slaughtering coordination will reschedule the production plan, adjust the production time, will all focus on the downtown market pig slaughter, to ensure market supply of live pigs. 8, carried out on the city's consumer goods market 600 kinds of products to investigate. Joint Inspection of the trade dealers came with a single square alcohol use. 9, the drafting of the "People's Government of Ganzhou City, downtown on further strengthening the management of pig slaughtering ." Second, individual work plans in 2010 a comprehensive work, do a good job summing up the work in 2008 the city's business and commercial work in 2009 the city's main points of the submitted work. 2, the system difficult to do business members to visit the city, retired veterans condolences to work. 3, do the transformation of scientific concept of development work study and education activities. Theory with practice, and effectively the scientific concept of development research results into the work force. 4, continue to do the petition holding stability, properly handle the restructuring of the city's legacy business systems to ensure that New Year's Day, Spring Festival of the bureau and stable business systems. the work of a foreign trade, Foreign Economic and Trade Department Director Ng to do further research modest reception to the city, Ganzhou City, merchants do the preparatory work on behalf of Spring Festival Association. 2, good use of foreign investment in 2008, the year-end evaluation of foreign trade work. 3, grasp Foreign Economic and Trade Office of the Provincial Department of Finance "on the issuance of" Jiangxi in 2008 to promote foreign trade and economic regional development funds to implement the details of "notice" spirit of the document's implementation guide to assist eligible for the funds to do foreign trade business reporting. 4, 2008, the provincial project to do the assessment. Preliminary efforts to increase the project, and strive for more projects for the comment. 5, continue to promote national tungsten, rare earth science and technology innovation base construction, to do the basic work required. 6, to continue tracking service Mazzoni chapter Tungsten Products Co., Ltd. co-investment projects in Madagascar, the approval of work. 7, track went to foreign contract labor, Hyogo, Japan signed the project work. 8, to assist Ganzhou billion through foreign economic cooperation held company training trainees to Japan. the work of a domestic trade, pay close attention to the development of "trade service system in 2009 work program." 2, continue to focus on "Ganzhou City commercial network planning," the organization and implementation, and further supervision at the county level urban commercial network planning preparation. 3, do a good job working the 2008 annual auction business. Place on the city's auction business, operating conditions to verify and strengthen market supervision and coordination of the auction services. 4, continue to promote the New River Chapter to promote the business prosperity and Discount Boots development of entertainment catering industry, actively coordinate supervision Wansheng MALL, Ganzhou City, and other leisure and entertainment project opened operations. 5, continue to do reporting Ganzhou China Hakka food town working, playing cards Hakka, Hakka food culture in creating unique features. 6, online buying and selling of agricultural products continue to promote docking activities to broaden the market, to accelerate the flow of navel orange and other major agricultural products. 7, good New Year's Day, Spring Festival market operation monitoring and supervision of the pork market. 8, make the city's leading group of pig slaughtering all the members of the Meetings of the preparatory work. 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