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Default More than 200 workers, nearly a thousand cars bloc

Yeung Sum
Southern News reporter promised wages in the labor contractor and failed many times the case, yesterday noon, Foshan, more than 200 workers on a construction site will be completely blocked on one side of Foshan Road, north to south,cool nike air max, nearly a thousand cars blocked, disruption of traffic for about an hour. It is understood that the reason has not yet been made wages, because there is a conflict between the contractor and contractors. Fang said the company, all wages will be released next Monday. This is the site appears within two months the 2nd Dulu event.
Stretching is 300 meters long traffic jam

yesterday, Foshan, sunny weather when the rain. Lunch is complete, Foshan Tong Tau Chancheng on a construction site near the village of more than 200 workers out of the site, onto the site in front of Foshan Road, Foshan Road, north to south direction of the main road and secondary road with 4 lanes dense crowd blocked to prevent passing vehicles to pass.
Foshan Road, Foshan is one of the largest of the main road, connecting the east and west Chancheng City Area, while the functions of transit road shoulders, are part of State Road 325. More than 200 workers standing on the street, the main road and secondary road were all blocked, suddenly grabbed the neck of Foshan Road, rolling suddenly stalled in traffic. Private cars, buses, trucks like sardines, packed into a ball, a long queue Stretching more than 300 meters.
police arrested six workers

13:30, sunny skies suddenly turned heavy rain, more than two hundred workers are still standing on the street blocking the traffic, any rain leave the body does not fight. Half an hour later, the police finally persuade the case of an invalid act,nike shox, six workers were taken away in Dulu,Nike Air Max Tailwind, congestion of the crowd gradually dispersed, Foshan Road, traffic returned to normal.
According to the workers introduced them in March and April did not receive the wages of hand. According to the workers introduced the morning the day before 12 noon yesterday, the company agreed to pay wages, but again lose the trust. to blocked.

real wages of workers more than the contract standard

yesterday afternoon, the site construction side Shenyang Yuanda curtain wall engineering, engineering manager Zhenqiang left things to the workers Tao Gongzi responded. He first denied the workers party, said he was Zuo Chun-keung said the site is a great curtain wall engineering company contracted Shenyang down, subcontracted to a man named Yun Ye's boss,nike air max, then he found more than 300 workers do the work.
reporter was removed no link on the multi-leaf clouds. According to one familiar with the Construction Ye said members, the original contract with the company leaves the cloud when the cloud leaves the amount of project cost estimate is low. The actual process of doing projects, due to tight schedule, the workers work overtime led to wage increases above the standard contract, resulting in more than 200 people pay the company not yet issued.
present, Foshan police and government labor departments have been involved. microblogging Recommended | today's micro-blog hot (Editor: SN026)
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