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Default Please do not just think about those flight attend

Oriental Morning Post reported July 25 at present, China's have not yet achieved,I , like sunflower charming smile ., for driving mainly rely on manual. To determine the driver and operating a moving motor car is a vital factor. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University professor Wang Meng-shu or even that surprising of such an accident, driver error, driver fatigue may be one cause of the accident.
Wenzhou motor car rear-end, because we have not yet determined, but the fighting has started to seize the high ground of public opinion, at the scene of a technical section of the Shanghai Railway Bureau official told reporters, D3115 train has been preliminarily identified the suspended was quoted as saying, speed is by no means cause of the accident; and high iron and high-speed rail-related companies in particular safety device manufacturing companies also have to clarify the incident had nothing to do, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University professor Wang Meng-shu is the challenge to understand the Mao the first refers to the body of the driver,2006.11.07, he said such accidents surprising, driver error, driver fatigue may be one cause of the accident.

such a big accident, the train is not quality problem, not the management of scheduling problems,Moncler Jackets Men, not the system signal problem, the end is the God of lightning is responsible for the problem, the problem is the driver, driver fatigue caused by driving less than a home, This approach is shirking its responsibility to people despised, the responsibility for the accident with only so much pushing to God and one or two drivers, it is shameless. Indeed, the two columns by the two motor car drivers, there rear-end, they run as responsibility, but they can not bear the primary responsibility of the driver may not hear panic spot signal, there may be fatigue driving, but this result is still not their The primary responsibility.

D301 times because of the value multiplied by the driver of Pan Yiheng EMU, in the event of danger when to take decisive measures in emergency braking, ** has been severely deformed from the Pan Yiheng rescued the driver's cab, he had sacrificed, Gateway to penetrate his chest. In the most dangerous moment, he has taken decisive measures to emergency braking, the rear passengers and more to win a life. At least he died on duty,where to buy canada goose jackets, even if he tired to drive, but in the case of safety systems failure, the blame so much a Shiguweihan driver, is inhumane, it is the practice of people despise. And do not have to find their own responsibility, regard the fault onto others, so do not play in a group who will keep a respectful distance, and imagine the future and international cooperation, we should be more difficult way to go.

motor car security systems engineering, including control signal system, the quality of motor car, rail construction, financing,canada goose store, access system, etc.,Canada Goose Citadel, but not the last one or two people blame, blame the drivers do not listen signal, fatigue driving, these are the offshoot of the distal causes. First say that this control signal system, the quality of motor car,5-digit QQ number of trouble .............., which to be a problem, motor car security would not have said, certainly not on the road; followed by track construction, pressure water, the surrounding environment, pre-construction monitoring and control, prevention, early warning . Roadbed, curve, dike cutting rail junction, and so are the weak parts, just what point this problem, the high speed of the motor car are fatal; again, this motor car security financing and the surface seems less to precisely this aspect is flawed, which is part of Kabo Zi death, many accidents are actually forced to finance debt.

final is this access system, and our high-speed rail launched just a few years, it boasted the world's advanced technology, and training a high-speed rail drivers, we just ten days, three other countries have months; develop a motor car drivers, without any experience of driving trains college graduates as long as six months, we have to learn driving a car for three months it! low-threshold access system, because the pressure of debt financing, but also drivers of high-intensity work, the open day and night, resulting in driver fatigue, driving,canada goose discount, an accident or their top cylinder, it is extremely funny.

no problems before the motor car became a high-speed rail Doukua myth, saying that will never rear-end,Cute cat - had all the entertainment , I hope like, with the most advanced technology; out of the accident, said China's To determine the driver and operating a moving motor car is a vital factor. Really is Ningxin Shi ghosts, do not break the letter goes on expert mouth! Advise those who return the funds rate and money-minded people, do not let the driver of a double death by penetrating chest!

Train tragedy in the death of seven people seriously injured two stewardess

D301 train due to a short life meet ... ...
D301 train operations soon, seven women met by attendants will not be long. Some people have given them a good marriage,canada goose canada, others have a good future dream weaving.
death approaching train due D301 ... ...
they were assigned to different compartments, 1,2 car attendants take forever away, by car No. 3 and 4 seriously injured service member.
>> before the accident ... ...

car ride attendant is responsible for health, to help crew the passengers get off. Day, by Xiao-Dong Sun is responsible for flight attendants, No. 5,6,7 car.
D301 train out from the Beijing South Railway Station, the way normal. To Nanjing South Station, is on schedule. Originally, the car should stop in here for 2 minutes. Xiao-Dong Sun, but remember, D301 train stop for 25 minutes.
later, the train stops at several stations, overall about 40 minutes late.
8 o'clock, D301 Yongjia stop train station. Xiao-Dong Sun said, Yongjia docking station is not so, but the temporary stop of the day. At that time, she thought it was to the south of Wenzhou stood.
Subsequently, the train from Yongjia Station. Raining outside. Sun Xiaodong, said the train was traveling at normal speed and not slowing down.
from Yongjia Station about five minutes later, a lot of tourists ready to Wenzhou South Station. Xiao-Dong Sun in 6 carriages the passengers get off. Pei-car service in the 3,4, 1,Canada Goose Men's Expedition Parka,2 Xu Peipei in car service.
suddenly, D301 D3115 train hit a train.
>> accident ... ...

dark car. Xiao-Dong Sun hit the body, head injuries.
stumbled, someone shouted: quick to seize the railing (sleeper bed), quick to seize the railing.
Xiao-Dong Sun
always feel unable to grasp, and soon fainted.
not shake when the train after a male passenger on her help to the sleeper. Then, went to help other travelers.
few minutes later, Xiao-Dong Sun revived. A man came to the car, smashed the window glass, pushed her out. Outside the window, has been collusion. Pei in the No. 3 car, knocked fainted. The car hanging on the bridge.
car service in the 1,2 Xu Peipei the bridge fell along with the car, died.
At that time, the train announcer just finished broadcasting the train was late to apologize. Sudden accident,Canada Goose Women's Down Mitt, her head was injured.
crew compartment 5 weeks surplus value is multiplied. When the train completely stopped, began to evacuate passengers. Confirm the D301 and passenger train passengers get off the evacuation of personnel after they take the initiative to train up the D3115 tail, and a woman rescued two passengers.
>> after the accident ... ...

Pei rescued, the local ambulance is not enough. Mr. practice villagers, who carried her to their van, to the hospital.
Third People's Hospital of Wenzhou Medical Services Chief of introduction, Pei-intestinal perforation surgery has been done, multiple body injury. Currently, she is conscious, still in ICU intensive care unit observation.
Xiao-Dong Sun quickly sent to the Corning Hospital. Subsequently transferred to Integrative Medicine Hospital of Wenzhou City. Her head injury was bandaged, pots bone surgery has been completed. Yesterday, her ward from the ICU to general ward, has been able to eat normally. The other four by attendants, mostly minor injuries, has returned to Beijing.
July 1 this year, Beijing to Fuzhou, the opening line of EMU. Xiao-Dong Sun, Pei, Xu Peipei a colleague, in a car service.
assign each person's car is random. By serving as leader of the team, No. 5, 6,Canada Goose Citadel Parkas, Xiao-Dong Sun bear three car service.
They are a company's employees, Xiao-Dong Sun said they had received training, including the use of distress Fire Escape, evacuation of passengers, with a key to open the emergency brake the glass to implement emergency stop. Only this time, nothing to spend. This car, when one driver, two mechanics,Canada Goose Kensington Parkas, two conductor, 6 crew, a marshals, seven by attendants, five food service workers. Xiao-Dong Sun said that currently,Controversial and concern of the Three Gorges Wate, she knew the driver had been killed, a flight attendant were killed, as well as ride attendants Xu Peipei killed.
Xu Peipei only 23 years old. Injured Pei married in October this year, the original plan.
think of them, total sleep Xiao-Dong Sun, Yi Jing, the reporter
Chinese version of the crisis
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