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Default moncler moncler LV Gucci China quietly cut prices

Location: Dayang>> Ocean News>> Finance Channel
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■ price to enter the mainland market for the first part of the price equivalent to Hong Kong

■ expert analysis of the euro,moncler online shop,giubbini moncler [ LV bags supply gucci bag supply ] - Jincheng clothing bags sh, leading to lower labor costs in Europe

Not a temporary discount,moncler sito ufficiale moncler [ Lv ] Hohhot Hohhot city 58,doudoune homme,doudoune moncler femme Franklin Marshall www.vsoop.cn - Website Integrate, but directly to lower the retail price. LV 29 stores in Mainland China this year, based on the collective quietly in the original price down 2% -7%, the price involved, including watches, jewelry, clothing, bags, and shoes,moncler donna, including LV all products. It is reported,woolrich parka, has long advocated the
It is understood from the beginning of June on the new goods, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, Dior,woolrich outlet King Plaza 1.5 LV Series packs offer 3000 +3,canada goose jakker,veste moncler, Celine and other brands have different levels of reduction. For such a large luxury price adjustment,woolrich parka, expert analysis,moncler pas cher,north face, the euro,spaccio woolrich, Europe's lower labor costs, consumers expect a change in the wave of price.
At the same time, due to the depreciation of HK period, more so a slight increase in the price of Hong Kong, this way, the luxury goods between the Mainland and Hong Kong even smaller, LV part of the product price has a direct equivalent to the Mainland in Hong Kong price.
LV bag lower 200-500 Yuan

adjustment in retail prices directly,doudoune femme, so the customer did not know if it is not old.

Gucci,moncler uomo north face lv belt , lv handbags , lv men walle, Fendi% off sale

With LV's price adjustment, many other European luxury brands have price discount, Ferragamo, Gucci, Fendi, Dior,doudoune moncler femme, Celine and other brands have different levels of discounts.
Many brands have begun to choose different ways to lower the threshold, such as Gucci have tried to do the sale market, the price is not the original canvas bag out of high discount,woolrich,moncler, some of the goods or 50% off the original price of 4000 yuan -5000 yuan, field down to 2,000 yuan in the sale. Ferragamo also have to adjust the original price of the basic leather bag are more than 10,000 yuan,Franklin Marshall, 4500 yuan -6500 yuan can now buy.

◎ expert analysis for the direct market price

Luxury brand of LV mass caused by the price adjustment,giubbini moncler LV men bag introduced pictures - LV men bag,woolrich outlet, Shanghai University of Finance and Professor Chao steel to make analysis, Mainland China's market share, price is obviously the most direct and effective means. Euro exchange rate impact is the direct cause of lower prices of luxury goods, Chao steel to make analyzing the luxury of different regions according to the exchange rate adjustment reduced the difference between the reasonable, but not the only factor affecting the exchange rate,moncler homme, European raw material costs,moncler,doudoune moncler femme, labor costs decline in cost of goods has been let down.
a luxury industry veteran said,
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