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Talking Let Us Build You A Huge *PAYING* Downline!

I have an extremely rare opportunity for you. You see, my friend, Stone Evans and his team (which is an all-star list that includes Mike Ward, Kent Jacobson, a.k.a. Mr. Success and even The Rich Jerk!), are currently dedicating ALL of their online resources including massively popular high-traffic websites like PlugInProfitSite.com and Dotcomology.com, and THOUSANDS of dollars in online advertising to build a *paid* downline for people just like you and me. This is OUR WAKE-UP CALL so pay close attention.

Here's the deal:

There's a company called Success University. This company and the service they provide is simply amazing. That said, they also offer a compensation plan (way to make money) that is absolutely second-to-none in the online marketing world. Stone knows this from experience, not theory. He is the top affiliate for a lot of different companies online including SFI, Empowerism, Host4Profit and a bunch of others... but all of these programs pale in comparison to what's possible to earn with Success University... That's why he is now devoting ALL of his resources to it - and why YOU and I can position ourselves for a fortune if we act quickly.

You see, I said that Stone is building a TEAM and he will be referring THOUSANDS of paid members to Success University in the months ahead. Well, he also knows from *experience* that it pays to help OTHERS be successful - especially in Success University. Bottom line: If he can help US make money with Success University, he earns HUGE bonus checks himself. Therefore, he's committed to using his name and all of his high traffic websites to refer TONS of *paying* members to be placed in OUR Success University downlines. Plus, he doesn't even expect us to make a commitment yet...

Simply sign up for your free position (you will only be required to make a $2 donation to the "Feed the Children" fund) and let him get to work on OUR behalf. Hold your position for at least 14 days and see for yourself how many *paid* members he gets placed directly in YOUR downline. Again, he is not talking about free "pre-enrollees"... he is talking ONLY about actual *paid* members. For the first time in our online lives, WE WILL GET RESULTS. Other people make promises... Stone makes *commitments* and nobody else has the resources he has to BUILD OUR DOWNLINES for us. For example, just take a look at the independent Alexa ranking of his PlugInProfitSite.com website at: http://www.pluginprofitsite.com/alexa - As you can see, that site alone is in the top 10,000 most visited websites in the WORLD (out of MILLIONS of sites) which is a TON of traffic and nearly everyone who joins that site will join Success University under team members like US! (We must act immediately to qualify for this extraordinary offer.)

As I've said, Stone is using ALL of his resources to build OUR downlines in Success University. This level of commitment has never made by anyone else because they don't have the power to back it up like he does. This is our opportunity to *finally* break through and start making money online even if you have NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE or prior success in this kind of program. Here's what you need to do RIGHT NOW to secure your position in Stone's revolutionary new team co-op:

Step 1: Visit this page: Success University

Enter your name and email address.

Step 2: After entering your contact info, you'll be presented with an exclusive opportunity to join Success University for a one-time $2 donation to the "Feed the Children" fund. This will be my signup page. Remember, I am enrolled under Stone... which makes me directly part of Stone's TEAM that builds downlines for his TEAM members like YOU. Sign up now by making a $2 donation to "Feed the Children". The $2 really does go to "Feed the Children" so you can feel *great* about that too! You've helped a child today (who definitely NEEDS your help) and that's all you need to do to qualify for Stone's and my support.

Step 3: Welcome aboard! Login to your Success University account here and enjoy it... As you can see by reading the Success University home page, you now have access to a whole new world of personal development training directly from your desktop. Now you can see why the product itself is worth AT LEAST a hundred times the cost of enrolling.

Step 4: Allow Stone, the rest of his TEAM, and myself to get to work building YOUR downline. Prepare to be *AMAZED*. Like I said before, Stone doesn't want you to commit to this until you have a HUGE *paying* downline under YOU.

You must act immediately. People who join after you will be placed UNDER YOU so stop whatever you're doing right now and secure your spot on my team TODAY. Stone is rolling out a MASSIVE advertising campaign and you need to get onboard right away to ensure that his and my future referrals go below YOU. In fact, even people who visit THIS page and sign up after you will be placed below you. You must act *immediately*.

Do this for yourself, do it for your family or do it for someone you care about. You are finally in the right place at the right time... Click Here to Sign up for Success University Right Now.

Then sit back, dig into your new Success University membership and let Stone, the rest of his TEAM, and myself get to work for you TODAY. Your future self will thank you for it!

“Opportunities may come but they never linger.”

Go here, sign up and get ready to profit!

Remember, I'm not asking you to make a commitment right now... Just secure your position on my Success University team by signing up through the link above so Stone can get to work building OUR downlines. For you, this is an instant way to get FREE advertising and referrals from some of the highest traffic websites on the Internet (Stone's). For Stone, it's a way to guarantee that he qualifies for big bonus checks from Success University by helping US generate a huge *paying* downlines. You see, Stone gets paid for developing leaders on his team - and he is so committed to this that he is even willing to "make them". It's a true win-win scenario.

Join now so he can get to work for US today!

Mark Heinemann
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