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Default christian louboutin Foreign couple was intercepted

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After interrogation ,christian louboutin, the alleged husband and two foreign relations to Beijing in order to cure . In the waiting period , the two spur of the moment ,christian louboutin chaussures, stealing a variety of name brand cosmetics 48 duty-free shops ,chaussures christian louboutin, the total price of about 19,500 yuan . Are the two suspects had been under criminal detention.

day before 9 am , Eastern District police station station employees received duty-free alarm , said the exit of Terminal 3 duty free cosmetics cosmetics theft within two passengers . Alarm,louboutin chaussures, the police station to immediately investigate the identity of the suspect information and flight information , find flight about to take off . Police rushed to the boarding gate ,chaussures louboutin, passengers boarding in the queue finally found the two suspects , and succeeded in its control .
(Reporter Muyi correspondent Zheng Xiaoyuan ) yesterday morning, a couple of foreign capital,louboutin, the airport duty-free shops in the theft of nearly 2 million worth of cosmetics , ready to return to boarding station when Eastern District police station intercepted .
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