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"Some people might say that Viagra online," smiled rich dad. "I would say that I just gave you a taste of life."
"What taste of life?" I asked, still angry, but now curious. Even ready to learn.
"You boys are the first people that have ever asked me to teach them how to make money. I have more than 150 employees Newports Cigarettes Website, and not one of them has asked me what I know about money. They ask me for a job and a paycheck marlboro red cigarettes, but never to teach them about money. So most will spend the best years of their lives working for money, not really understanding what it is they are working for."
I sat there listening intently.
"So when Mike told me about you wanting to learn how to make money Newport cigarettes online, I decided to design a course that was close to real life. I could talk until I was blue in the face, but you wouldn't hear a thing.
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